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OnLand System Limits Increase

As of October 29, 2022, we will be increasing the attachment size limit for client attachment uploads and downloads in order to allow transfer of larger sized images.


Attachment Current Limit New Limit
LRO Services – Paper Submissions 23.5 MB No Change
LRO Services – Pre-Approval or Override Request 8 MB 20 MB
LRO Services – Change/Correction Request 8 MB 20 MB


Documents, Instruments and Plans up to 35MB can be downloaded. Documents, Instruments and Plans up to 25MB will continue to be emailed.

Parcel Register Display Limits

Parcel Register PDFs will now display up to 1000 entries for the fields below:

Field Current Limit New Limit
Party From 250 1000
Party To 250 1000
Owners 500 1000
Number of Documents 1000 No Change