Highways Register Search Options

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Options – Your report can be created based on a combination of dates and options

Registration Number – Your report will be created for a specific Document

Highway NumberThe number assigned to the highway
Date Range

This is the period of time for the data captured in your report.

In the first date field, enter the start date (in this format: MM/DD/YYYY), or select the calendar icon Calendar icon, and select the date, scrolling forward and back through the years or months with the arrows Calendar Arrows.

P Plan NumberThis number is assigned to a highway plan by the ministry of transportation. The first field in the P Plan Number is mandatory and consists of four digits. The second field is optional and can contain up to 25 digits. If it is left blank the system will return all P Plan numbers matching the digits entered in the first field.
MunicipalityThe city or town that will be featured in your report
Include Deleted DocumentsThis will include both deleted and active Documents in your search results
Requested By

Your name, or the name of the person on whose behalf you are searching

Order Report ByThis will determine the order in which the information will be displayed on your report
LanguageThis selection will determine the language for the report content, but will not affect the language of your session