LRO Services

Perform a variety of tasks previously only available through a Land Registry Office.


Document Submission 

  1. On the OnLand Homepage, in the Find your Land Registry Office option, begin typing the name of the city, town, or LRO name, or number you’d like to search in. The results will display as you type.
  2. From the results in the list, scroll down and select your LRO.
  3. From the Find your land registry service options, select the Services button on the LRO Services tile.
    1. The LRO Services page displays.
  4. Under the Document Submission header, select Submit a Paper Document to ServiceOntario for Registration.
      1. The Document Submission page displays. 
  5. Enter your name, phone number and email address. 
  6. Select the option acknowledging that if you are entering a multi-document submission, it does not contain more than 1000 PINs.
    1. Note: The maximum number of PINs for a submission containing multiple documents is 1000. These must be distributed over the documents included in the submission (Maximum 6) so that the total submission contains 1000 PINs or fewer. Any PINs exceeding 1000 must be included in a separate submission.
  7. Select the property type, document type, language for the document, and whether to include the last registered instrument. Enter the registration number, if needed.
    1. Note: Your documents will be registered in the order they are received. Be sure to create them in the order they should be registered.  
  8. To attach your PDF(s) to your document submission, in the File Upload panel, drag and drop your file from its saved location, or select the upload area and navigate to the file in its saved location. In the navigation window, select Open.
    1. Note: Your PDF paper size should be Legal, if possible. 
    2. The file appears in the File Upload pane. 
  9. Follow these steps for any other files to be uploaded for your document. 
  10. To add another document to your submission, select Add Document.
    1. A confirmation message appears, asking if you would like to continue loading your documents in this order. 
  11. Select OK to continue.
    1. A new empty tab displays for the next document. 
  12. Select the appropriate options and upload your files as in the previous steps. 
  13. Select Submit Request.
    1. The Review your Request page displays.
  14. Review the details of your submission, select the option to accept the statement and select Continue.
    1. The Express Checkout page displays. 
    2. Note: This transaction is only a pre-authorization on your credit card. The payment will be put through once your document is registered.  
  15. Select Pay by Credit Card.
    1. The Payment Details window opens.
  16. Enter your payment details, and select Submit Payment.

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