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Plan Preview Coming to OnLand

As of October 30, 2021, registered OnLand users will be able to preview a blurred, watermarked version of most plans – free of charge. Condominium and Subdivision plans have been excluded.  This new feature will provide users the opportunity to ensure that they are purchasing the correct plan.


The ability to preview a plan is available only to registered users that successfully complete an automated pre-authorization. When requesting a plan, the option to Preview will appear.   When selected, a onetime no-charge pre-authorization will be placed on your credit card, then removed once your request is completed. Once the pre-authorization is complete, you will be authorized and a blurred copy of the original plan will display.


As this is a new service, the Terms of service have been updated as well.


Not a Registered User?  You must be a registered OnLand user to access this option. If you don’t have an OnLand account, follow the steps to create your account.


Learn more about Plan Preview.