Print Map

The Print Map feature enables you to print and/or save a copy of the displayed map.

To print a map:

  1. Perform a Property Search by Map.
  2. Locate your property on the map, zooming in with the zoom in Zoom In and zoom out Zoom Out buttons on the slider, if needed. 
  3. Select the property.
  4. Select Buy Parcel Map.
    1. The Express Checkout page displays.  
  5. Select the desired payment option. 
  6. Enter the appropriate payment details, and select Submit Payment.
    1. The property information displays on the map, and a confirmation displays with your order number. 
  7. Select Email Receipt or Download Receipt, depending on your preference.
    1. Tip: It is a good idea to download your receipt as well as emailing it, as a precaution.
  8. On the Map Toolbar above the search results, select Print Map.
    1. A print options window opens.
  9. Select your print options.
  10. Select the Continue button.

The PDF opens, with the options to print, save, etc. Download or save your map as you normally would in your browser.