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What information do I need to search an Abstract/Parcel Register book in Historical Books?

For an Abstract/Parcel Register search, you will need the geographic description of the property you’d like to search. This can be found on your title deed, property tax notice, or other land document. The geographic description generally contains a combination of Lot and Plan, Lot and Concession, township or municipality, Condominium Plan or Parcel and Section, unit and level (e.g. Lot 10, Plan 340, Town of Peel; or Lot 10, Concession 7, Peel Township; or Unit 1, Level 5, Condominium Plan 100). For more information on searching in Historical Books, consult the Historical Books topic.

Note: Searching land registry records can be a complex process. If you need assistance with your search, please contact a legal professional, such as a solicitor or title searcher.