1. Select Checkout as Guest User. 
  2. In the Email Address field of the Delivery Information screen, enter the email address where you would like your electronic copies delivered.
  3. Select Continue to Payment.
  4. On the Payment screen, select your payment option.
  5. Enter the payment details, and select Submit Payment.
    1. The Receipt & Downloads page displays.
  6. On the Receipt &  Downloads screen, select Download next to your desired purchase, and select either Email Receipt or Download Receipt.
    1. Tip: It is a good idea to download your receipt as well as emailing it, as a precaution.
  1. Enter your username and password in the Registered User Login tile, and select the Login button.
    1. The Delivery Information screen displays.
    2. Note: The email address associated with your account will display in the Email Address field on the Delivery Information screen. You can change the address at this point, but your default account email address will remain the same.
  2. Select the Continue to Payment button.
  3. On the Payment screen, select your payment option.
  4. Either select a saved card from your account, or select Add a new card and enter the credit card details. 
  5. Select Submit Payment.