Historical Books Video Transcript


Audio Visual
OnLand Historical Books The words OnLand Ontario Land Registry Access and Historical Books appear over a white background.
Welcome to OnLand, your online information source from the Ontario Land Registration system. This guide will show you how to search for Historical Books, the pre-electronic registration property records contained in OnLand’s digital library. The Home page displays, and an orange box appears around the Search Ontario Land Property Records introductory paragraph.
The Historical Books digital library contains PDFs of scanned abstracts and parcel registers, a variety of indices and first registration records. The three spoken options appear over a white background.
First, enter the city, town, or Land Registry Office where you want to perform your search, On the Home page, the Where Would You Like To Search section is highlighted in orange and the entry field is indicated by an orange arrow.
And select it from the results. The Land Registry Office Middlesex County (LRO 33) is indicated with an orange arrow from the list of results in the field.
Select Search on the Historical Books tile or select the option from the menu. The Historical Books tile is highlighted in orange, followed by the Historical Books option from the menu at the top of the screen. 
There are 3 ways to search in Historical Books: By Book Category, by Book Number and by browsing all books On the Historical Books search page, the Book Category drop-down menu is superimposed on the screen, followed by the Search by Book Number button. Then the Browse Books tab and Browse all Books link appear.
To Search for Books by category, select the book category from the drop-down list. You can also add filters from the property description list and other information To search Books by Book Number If you know the Book Number you want, you can enter it here. The user selects the Book Category search option, which is emphasized to show the drop-down menu. Then they select the Property Description field, which is emphasized to show the drop-down menu. Lastly, they select the Search by Book Number button, which is emphasized to show the text entry field
Select the Browse Books tab to browse all the books available in the different categories. On the Historical Books search page, the user selects the Browse Books tab. This links to the Browse Books screen, which displays all the different category links
For this example, we’ll search for a parcel register by selecting the Search Books button. On the Historical Books Search page, the user selects the Book Category search option with the Abstract/Parcel Book displayed in the results field. They then select the Search Books button.
From the search results, select the View Details button for the parcel register you’d like to view. The Search Results are displayed. The user selects the View Details button next to the Borough of Scarborough, Section B284.
And the PDF displays. You can then navigate through the pages using the Previous and Next buttons. The PDF image of the Borough of Scarborough, Section B284 is displayed on a white background. The user can use the Previous and Next buttons at the foot of the PDF to navigate through the document
You can enlarge and rotate the document, or zoom in and out, using the buttons on the screen. On the PDF, the Open in Full Screen View, Rotate right, Enlarge, and Reduce buttons are highlighted in orange
To start a new search, select the OnLand logo or any of the other search options The user can select the OnLand logo at the top of the screen to start a new search, or select the Return to Search Results link at the top of the screen
For more information, visit the OnLand Help Center. The OnLand Help Centre page displays.