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How can I find a lien on my property?

To find whether a lien exists on your property, you will need to perform a Property search and purchase the Parcel Register.

To purchase the Parcel Register:

On the OnLand Homepage, from the Find your Land Registry Office options, begin typing the name of the city, town, or LRO name where the property is found. The results will display as you type.

  1. From the results in the list, scroll down and select your LRO.
  2. From the Find your land registry service options, select Property.
  3. Select the Address option.
  4. Enter the address details.
  5. In the Requested By field, enter your name, or the name of the person on whose behalf you are searching.
  6. Select Search.
    1. The results display.
  7. Select the Buy Parcel Register button next to the desired property.
    1. The Buy Parcel Register page displays.
  8. Select the Parcel Register and Purchase options.
  9. Select Add to Cart.
    1. A window appears, detailing the number of items in the cart and the total for your order.
  10. To add more items, select Continue Shopping. To pay for your order, select Checkout.
    1. The Your Shopping Cart page displays.
  11. Verify your order details and select Checkout.
  12. The login page displays, where you can log into your account, create a new one, or select Continue as Guest User to make your purchase without an account.
  13. Make your selection and proceed to the Checkout. 

Once your purchase is made, any lien on your property will appear in the Parcel Register.

Note: To view more information on your lien, you can purchase the document by performing a Document search (Instruments, Plans, and Evidence), entering the registration number of the lien (as it appears in the Parcel Register) in the Registration Number field, and purchasing the document by following the instructions in the Document Search topic.