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OnLand Phase 2 is coming

Teranet®, and our partners at ServiceOntario are excited to announce that OnLand Phase 2 is launching on December 10, 2018.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the highlights

New Search capabilities for Property and Documents that allow you to search a wide range of items:

Search Properties

In the Properties category, you can use a number of search filters to obtain property information including:

  • Parcel Registers including Certified Copies
  • Ontario Electronic Property Index Maps

Pin search

Search Documents

In the Documents category, you can search for:

  • Copies of Instruments, Plans and Evidence including the option for certified copies
  • Register and Index Reports for the Highways Register, Trans-Canada Pipeline Register, Subdivision and Reference Plan Index and Power of Attorney
  • Standard Charge Terms

Document search

Expanded Help Centre

Our expanded Help Centre will contain a full selection of User Assistance forms and video guides

Accessing OnLand online is quick, easy and efficient. There’s no need to create a new profile or register and you can search from the convenience of your home or office instead of visiting a Land Registry Office. If you choose to register, you can set up a new user account or use your existing Teranet eXpress and ROSCO credentials.

We’ll be in touch closer to December 10. No action is required from you; these new features will automatically become part of OnLand once deployment is complete.