OnLand Overview Video Transcript

Audio Visual
OnLand Overview The words OnLand Ontario Land Registry Access then Overview appear over a white background.
Welcome to OnLand, your online information source from the Ontario Land Registration system. The Home page displays, and an orange box appears around the Search Ontario Land Property Records introductory paragraph.
In OnLand you can search for official, property-related information and documents, view your search results, and purchase copies for download from your PC or mobile device. The Summary title appears and the three search categories display on the screen.
First, enter the city, town, or Land Registry Office where you want to perform your search, The Home page displays. The Where Would You Like To Search entry and drop-down list is highlighted in orange and indicated by an orange arrow.
Select it from the results, The user selects the Land Registry Office Middlesex County (LRO 33) from the list of results in the field.
Then you can choose your search category from Properties, Documents, and Historical Books. The user is shown the search categories Documents, Properties, and Historical Books.
Refine your search using the filters. On the Property Search page, the user sees the PIN, Address, Instrument and Map options highlighted as filters.  The PIN number and Requested By fields are highlighted in orange. The Search button is indicated by an orange arrow.
And locate your document, file, or map from the search results. On the Property Search page, the users views the search results. The details for a property are highlighted in orange, and an orange arrow indicates the Buy Parcel Register button.
Then check out, A pop-up window appears, displaying the number of items in the cart. The user can select the Continue Shopping button or Checkout to continue to payment.
And order your copies for delivery or download. On the Checkout – Receipt and Downloads screen, the user views the successful transaction completed text, then selects either Email Receipt of Download Receipt, followed by the Email all Products link or Download Zip File links.
For more information, visit the OnLand Help Center. The OnLand Help Centre page displays.